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Fire Extinguishing System

Fire Protection Services

DNIEPER-FIRE is a Civil Defense approved and certified company excel in providing the Firefighting systems installation, testing, maintenance, certification, approvals and various services in and around Abu Dhabi & Al Ain region.

Our Specialties

As one of the leading fire safety approved companies in United Arab Emirates, we ensure that once entrusted with the responsibility we leave no stone unturned to provide protection.

Our team comprises the best and qualified professionals who ensure that all your life-saving equipment installed by us are optimally maintained. They ensure proper maintenance and work towards making products perform when they are most needed.



Being prompt and proper in delivering our services, we do not make any delays in responding to your needs as we would arrive with the best possible fire safety solutions for you.


We are committed to ensuring
your safety and this is our
driving force for us to offer the finest products of impeccable quality and exceptional services.
Firefighting Range Includes:


Fire hydrants:

These are machines that are used to collect water from the pipes and networks of water distribution. The fire hydrant ensures there is fast supply of water in case of a blaze. With the help of hydrant wrenches, standpipes they are further linked to the fire trucks.

Sprinklers Systems:

A fire sprinkler system is an active fire protection measure, consisting of a water supply system, providing adequate pressure and flow rate to a water distribution piping system, onto which fire sprinklers are connected.

Foam & FM 200 System:

An imperative source for fighting fires at any level of your house, business & plants. Effective method of extinguishing the fire within fraction of seconds.

Fire Hose Reel:

A fire hose reel is a first attack piece of fire-fighting equipment. It is designed to be used as a quick-response method by any member of the general public for fighting fires in their early stages. Hose Reels are suitable for Class A fires: Paper, Textiles, Wood, Most Plastics and Rubber

Why Choose Us?
  • High Reliability

  • Long Durability

  • Best Maintenance

  • Expert Personnel


Professional Fire Protection Experts, remains at your service 24/7

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